27four Neon Nite electrifies the streets of Lenasia

Over 3000 participants took to the streets of Lenasia on Saturday 10 March 2018 as part of the annual 27four Neon Nite Run – 2018. The electrifying and colourful crowd was made up of young and old alike bringing together the community and demonstrating the powerful spirit of the collective.


The 27four Neon Run is organised by the Lenasia Athletic Club with title sponsorship from 27four Investment Managers. Now in its third year, the annual fun run/walk is a non-competitive event which both organisations hope inspires community development and promotes healthy living amongst Lenasia’s residents. There is no winner in this race as everyone taking part is a winner.


The colour theme this year was blue and you would have had a difficult time not seeing crowds of participants around Lenasia on the night. The event also has a positive impact on the economy of Lenasia as it attracts masses of people both from and outside of Lenasia many of whom support local businesses before and after the event.


The title sponsor, 27four Investment Managers, takes great pleasure in sponsoring the event each year. The entire exercise is not-for-profit but rather a community project with a much larger purpose of bringing people together. The company is deeply rooted to the community with many of its staff reigning from Lenasia. And with the unwavering support of the Lenasia Athletic Club, the 27four Neon Run was able to make an even bigger impact.


With its continuous success and ever growing support, the organisers seek to improve and better the experience each year. A rep from 27four acknowledges “this is an event created by the people of Lenasia, for the people of Lenasia and the betterment of this community” adding “there are lessons to be learnt here for other communities across the country, when you see young kids encouraging their grandparents to go a little further and moms and dads with their strollers you get a real sense of community. This is why we’re here and will continue with our sponsorship. We have a responsibility here and we must try harder the next time.”


“We take great strides in ensuring the safety and comfort of every participant. Measures are put in place from the volunteers on the ground, having ambulance services across the route and a host of other services present along the way” commented the Lenasia Athletic Club.


A bigger, better and brighter 27four Neon Nite will take place again in Lenasia in 2019. Details will be announced closer to the time.