About Us

Our Edge

  • We continuously keep track of the evolving needs of institutional and individual investors to ensure that our offering remains relevant and differentiated.
  • We do not push product but instead focus on providing solutions.
  • We invest generous resources towards research into new product development and markets and are recognised for our pioneering and innovative skills and first mover advantage.
  • We demand daily position level transparency from all our managers allowing us to monitor daily mandate compliance and portfolio movements providing our investors with a high degree of comfort.
  • We are leaders in the incubation of start-up long only and hedge fund managers. This requires specialist skills and processes which go beyond just a ‘hand-out’ of assets. It is a responsibility that requires rigorous oversight and stringent risk controls. Monitoring and evaluation of start-up managers is more comprehensive than is required with large mainstream managers.
  • We are experts at sourcing investment skill and talent. Our manager searches locally and internationally, not only cover large managers, but include start-up and emerging managers who are often more nimble and opportunistic and can deliver better returns.
  • We recognise that the asset class mix is usually the largest determinant of absolute risk, and hence employ sophisticated quantitative modelling techniques to design optimal asset class blends for our multi-manager offerings.
  • The principals of 27four have been active in the South African hedge fund industry since its birth in the late nineties. We have in excess of 10 years experience in managing fund of hedge fund portfolios.