27four Investment Managers is a leading independent South African-based provider of pooled multi-manager and customised fiduciary management solutions, catering for the unique and differing investment needs of retirement funds, corporations as well as individuals. The firm is widely recognised for unseating South Africa’s corporate giants through the provision of innovative solutions that are relevant, for identifying unique sources of return, and for challenging outdated market norms. Our disruptive approach to revolutionising the South African asset management industry is best illustrated by our pioneering efforts to create long-term sustainable solutions that are designed to respond to the dynamic needs of our clients.

The 27four team is guided by strong values that always place the needs of our clients first. We provide unbiased recommendations and design world-class solutions based on the experience, breadth and quality of our team. This, coupled with our innovative and modern investment approach that makes the best use of financial engineering, ensures that we can unlock value by implementing new approaches and ideas to fulfil the unique demands of our clients.

Through ongoing value-add, by way of product differentiation and the delivery of consistent and superior returns, 27four has earned its position as a leading provider of multi-manager and fiduciary management solutions to South African and international investors, both big and small.



Multi-Manager Products


We offer a comprehensive and innovative range of expertly constructed multi-manager product solutions to cater for the varying needs of institutions and individuals. Our portfolio construction process harnesses the specialist expertise of asset managers within a skilfully defined asset allocation framework. Managers are optimally blended together to produce multi-manager solutions designed to deliver superior risk-adjusted performance over the long term.

Fiduciary Management Solutions


We seek to understand the investment objectives of each institution and develop bespoke portfolio solutions that match their individual needs and enhance their overall investment strategy.





What’s in a name? 27four was named after a turning point in South Africa’s history, 27 April 1994, the date of South Africa’s first democratic election. It is a representation of change, the power to hope, the power to aspire and the strength to realise the “African dream”. We are a leading African firm, actively transforming the financial services landscape and best positioned to leverage the changes reshaping the global economy.


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