Investment Approach

Investment Philosophy


The Multi-Management Approach

As a multi-manager, our philosophy is based on the premise: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Investing in a single manager fund exposes the investor to risks associated to one investment house. Similarly, investing in one asset class exposes the investor to market risks associated with that specific asset class. Our diversified investment process is designed to mitigate such idiosyncratic (fund specific) and market (systematic) risks to deliver superior risk-adjusted investment returns, across market cycles. This is achieved through superior fund selection and sophisticated portfolio construction (blending) processes that offer multiple levels of diversification between asset classes, underlying managers (funds), investment strategies and styles.

Our Investment Philosophy

  • We focus on building well-diversified portfolios that are linked to a broad spectrum of investor goals and appetites for risk.
  • Our goal is to provide investors with access to institutional quality investment solutions at the minimum level of risk compatible with the targeted return levels.
  • We believe that asset allocation is the primary determinant of variation in portfolio return and is the cornerstone of portfolio construction. Our skilled investment team is experienced in the application of quantitative techniques to identify the sources of asset class returns across different market cycles to derive our long-term asset allocation views.
  • We invest in a combination of large, well known managers and smaller untapped “boutiques” who we believe possess a distinct performance advantage as they are more nimble and opportunistic, especially in asset classes where the ability to take calculated risks and move swiftly is vital to success.
  • Core to our investment philosophy is risk mitigation. Rigorous risk management and monitoring is applied at every level of our investment process and equal importance is given to business, compliance, operational and administrative risks as is applied to investment performance risk.