10 Questions with Khanyisile Ntsenge

In this series, we ask members from our team a mix of random questions, 10 to be exact, and see what’s on their mind – the projects they’re working on, things they like, and some surprising facts from the people that are living investments.






This week we catch up with Khanyisile Ntsenge, a project manager at the 27four Jobs Fund Partnership.


What are you currently working on right now?

The 27four Jobs Fund Partnership. Creating jobs and true to form, I am currently finalising the recruitment process for 1 of the 3 project coordinators we intend to bring on board in the next three quarters of the project. It is a drop in the proverbial ocean compared to the +/-3000 jobs we plan to help create over the lifespan of the project. But when you think about it, that is at least three lives changed directly and possibly other lives who are dependent on each of these three lives.


What is the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

I am reading a Xhosa book by M.T.A. Makuliwe called ‘Inkcubeko Yetho’. It’s brought me closer to my mom because every time I learn something new from the book, I call her to confirm it.


What are you listening to right now?

Uhm…I just realised that I am in one of my “Let’s all be quiet and listen to our heartbeats” periods.

I like humming though when I am not in a ‘listening to stuff mood’. And I am currently mostly humming Thandiswa Mazwai “Thongo Lam”.


What is the bucket list destination you’re most looking forward to?

I have already been to my ultimate bucket list destination which is Kenya. It felt like home, exactly like I had dreamed and imagined it would.


If you had a time machine, where would you go right now?

I have watched enough Marvel movies to know not to mess with the space-time continuum. So I would definitely sell the machine.  I refuse to be responsible for messing up and ending the world, nope no way, Jose.


How do you keep healthy during your busy schedule?

Physically I think I am usually incompetent at keeping fit. But I am going to start rollerblading – as soon as my skates arrive. And I need to stop living on sugar one day.

Mentally and spiritually, my 18 month old baby girl and I pray and take a walk of gratitude every morning.

Emotionally, I am winging it each day.


What essentials can’t you leave home without?

My smartphone, data and my Afro feminism.


What major themes and developments are happening within the 27four Jobs Fund Partnership?

We have signed our first Black Private Equity Manager (BPEM) and we expect that our job creation numbers in the next two quarters could be higher than planned, which is exciting. Key to our Jobs Fund partnership is ensuring that we monitor and evaluate the work that we do, therefore we have a baseline report of the project.


What is the best advice you’ve received?

Do your best then trust the process.


Finally, can you give us a quick savings tip?

Growing up in a community of single mothers where debt was a fundamental way of life to ensure survival, I am really only just starting to find my savings feet. One thing that seems to work is a savings debit order that goes to an account and limits any spontaneous withdrawals.