10 Questions With The Team at 27four | Marietjie Oosthuizen

In this series, we ask members from our team a mix of random questions, 10 to be exact, and see what’s on their mind – the projects they’re working on, things they like, and some surprising facts from the people that are living investments.

We’re joined by Marietjie Oosthuizen, a Certified Financial Planner® at 27four Investment Managers.


What are you currently working on right now?

Introducing myself to 27four clients and assisting them in discovering opportunities to fulfil their financial planning goals.


What is the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

The 27four Quarterly Market Overview – it is a great way to keep updated with global financial markets. Looking forward to the next edition out later this month. At home, the LEGO Dinosaur Build with my 5 year old son.


What are you listening to right now?

A lot of typing and phone calls here at the office. Our clients keep our retail division busy and the energy is very exciting!


What is the bucket list destination you’re most looking forward to?

Mauritius, for a 10 year wedding anniversary in September 2021.


If you had a time machine, where would you go right now?

23 September 2016 – the last meal I had with my dad to tell him one more time just how much I love him.


How do you keep healthy during your busy schedule?

Eish! I must be honest, I don’t exercise. I do try and eat healthy during the day.


Are you a hunter or gatherer?

Gatherer for sure!


What are you working on in your free time?

My son’s school concert decor and outfits. And, also still busy renovating our home (it’s been 2 years!).


Teach us something we don’t know about you.

I grew up on a farm outside Potchefstroom and I can milk a cow, ride horses and sheer sheep.

I also understand a bit of Tswana.


Finally, can you give us a quick savings tip?

Don’t save what’s left, save before you even start spending.