27four makes right call on offshore returns

Raging Bull Award for the Best South African Multi-asset Equity Fund – the top-performing fund on a risk-adjusted basis over five years to December 31, 2014

A fund of funds with a focus on investing across asset classes without taking too much risk won the Raging Bull Award for the top-performing multi-asset fund among those that have a limit on their equity exposure.

The 27four Stable Prescient Fund of Funds is a low-equity multi-asset fund that cannot invest more than 40 percent of its assets in equities, but based on risk-adjusted returns over five years, it has beaten funds with an equity exposure of up to 75 percent.

The 27four Stable Prescient Fund of Funds returned 12.34 percent a year over the five years to the end of December 2014, according to ProfileData, and was ranked sixth in its sub-category on straight performance over this period.

Although its average return over five years was well below that of the top performers in the multi-asset high-equity sub-category – the top performer, the Consilium BCI Flexible Fund, returned 18.5 percent over five years and more than 30 high-equity funds returned more than the 27four fund – the fund had the highest PlexCrown rating of all the South African multi-asset funds excluding the flexible funds.


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Source: iol.co.za

Author: Laura du Preez