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All the pieces matter | Private markets fundraising survey

“Yeah now, well, the thing about the old days: they the old days” – Slim Charles (The Wire television series)

The sentiment that many private markets investors have shared for a long time is one that there is a need for better alignment between private equity managers and investors. Over the coming weeks, the private markets team at 27four Investment Managers will be issuing a number of articles titled “All the pieces matter”, where we will provide insight into how private equity fund managers can better align their offerings with the needs of institutional investors.


As the first part of the series, we recently ran a survey in which we asked private equity managers and investors for their views on how investors rank various aspects when deciding whether to allocate capital to a particular private equity manager. The results were mixed with some areas of alignment and other areas where misalignment on views comes across quite clearly.


We trust you will find this insightful, and we would like to thank all participants of the survey for their contributions to help drive better alignment between managers and investors.

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