2019 BEE.conomics  Transformation in South African asset management survey

Presenting the 11th edition of the annual BEE.conomics Transformation in South African asset management survey. Key signals to emerge from our 2019 research include:
  • The universe of black-owned asset managers comprises a small number of large firms and a long tail of mid-sized and small enterprises.
  • Scale continues to favour those who have the ability to access markets through strong distribution – who can leverage advances in technology and can attract experienced talent.
  • There have been significant shifts in asset allocation which has seen a decline in the market share of domestic equities relative to other asset classes and strategies.
  • There is growing interest in private market investments which has led us to enhance our research efforts and introduce a new section dedicated to private markets.
  • Environmental, social and governance issues are taking centre stage across the sector.
  • There is an increase in M&A activity across the sector, driven by B-BBEE and consolidation.
  • Fee compression and regulatory pressures are weighing on firms, particularly smaller businesses.
  • There is greater scrutiny from both investors and the regulator on whether the industry is delivering value for money and the role the industry is playing in meeting the needs of the broader economy.
Thank you to all the participants for your unwavering commitment to this publication.We welcome you to continue the conversation with us online #BEEconomics