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BRICS Solutions Awards

Finalist at the BRICS Solutions Awards: 27four’s Accelerated Black Business Growth Funding project

BRICS Solutions Awards has been thought as the contest for BRICS countries projects and ideas helping to improve people’s quality of life, and foster systemic exchange of good practices among BRICS countries to promote growth and welfare, inform respective national policies, and build up a pool of the BRICS countries joint projects.



Against the background of the challenges faced by the world in 2020, BRICS Solutions Awards becomes even more significant, since it shall signal the BRICS countries’ unity and solidarity, and their political will and practical readiness to find joint solutions to the common issues. It shall demonstrate to the countries in the most difficult situations and the most vulnerable communities that they can rely on the BRICS countries’ support, and that no one will be left behind.


Moreover, BRICS Solutions Awards shall facilitate collaborations of the BRICS countries bright individuals and organizations, which on the one hand, will allow for the BRICS countries’ project and thought leaders to unveil their potential and get BRICS-wide recognition, and on the other – will contribute to further strengthening of the BRICS countries cooperation ties.

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