Use the form below to register What is Gender.conomics? 27four is proud to announce the launch of the Gender.conomics™ Monthly Investment Performance Survey. This pioneering initiative serves a dual purpose: showcasing the investment performance of women fund managers in mainstream public markets asset classes and raising awareness about the importance of gender lens investing. By […]


A blended finance partnership between 27four and USAID Southern Africa Mobilizing Investment, aimed at advancing diversity, equity and inclusion within Southern African private markets. Watch: How Sanari became an “overnight success” “Entrepreneurship is supposed to be hard. But not THIS hard”, says Sam Pokroy as she and her co-founder Moushmi Patel reflect on their journey […]

Empowering excellence: The black asset manager global skills development program in partnership with ABSIP & BlackRock

The ABSIP, 27four Investment Managers and BlackRock global skills development partnership enters its 7th year and focuses on enhancing the expertise of Black investment professionals in the management of global assets through practical, hands-on global training. The partnership selects two investment professionals annually to participate in courses offered by the BlackRock Educational Academy. These courses […]

BEE.conomics Annual Survey Questionnaire 2023

Your participation in the 15th annual BEE.conomics Transformation in South African Asset Management Survey 2023 begins here. If you are a qualifying asset manager and have not received the questionnaire/s please email Firms that operate in both public and private markets must submit both questionnaires and provide information specific to each business unit. The annual […]

BEE.conomics 2022 – Transformation in South African asset management

Download the 14th edition of BEE.conomics transformation in South African asset management survey, the most comprehensive study of transformation in financial services conducted in South Africa. Find out how black-owned asset managers are disrupting the sector and the pace at which the sector is fast transforming. Discover some of the trends shaping South African asset […]

BEE.conomics – Call for participation

The research phase of the annual BEE.conomics Transformation in South African Asset Management survey will begin soon. This is a call to all black asset managers who meet the participation criteria to ensure they receive the official correspondence from BEE.conomics regarding their participation.   The purpose of this survey is to map the progress of [...]

The shift to umbrella funds – does consolidation support transformation?

Two important strategic objectives of the FSCA are consolidation and transformation. Specifically, the consolidation objective envisages a reduction in the number of registered retirement funds to 2001 from more than 1 4002 active funds at present. The transformation effort aims to create a retirement industry that is financially inclusive and supportive of broadening the participation [...]

BEE.conomics results announcement with Business Day

Join us for a Business Day Dialogues LIVE, in collaboration with 27four Investment Managers, where we’ll review and deliberate the results from the 2020 BEEconomics Annual Transformation in South African Asset Management Survey.

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