Time to join forces for better employee benefits

It is becoming increasingly more important for consultants in the industry to start taking the lead and assist employers with the design of their employee benefits offering to employees. The reality is that it’s not enough for employers to provide a retirement fund only as part of the employee benefits offering. There is a lot […]

Reduce your tax liability by investing in your retirement!


The 2024 tax year-end on the 29th of February is nearing, and now would be ideal time to review your retirement funds and take full advantage of the tax incentives provided by government. By topping up your retirement fund, you can reduce your tax liability and improve your nest egg at retirement. There are multiple […]

Take a tax break

Max your returns with zero tax! Open or top-up your tax-free savings account (TFSA) before the start of the new tax year, 29 February 2024. Doing so before the new tax year means you can benefit from tax concessions for the 2023 tax year and still qualify for tax relief on retirement annuities and tax-free […]

Global Diversification – Annual Offshore Allowances Reminder

Successful investors often emphasize the significance of diversifying portfolios across various asset classes, sectors, instruments, geographies, and currencies. Diversification offers a shield for your portfolio during uncertain periods, allowing risk mitigation while capitalising on global opportunities. Establishing a well-balanced, long-term strategy is crucial for wealth creation. Investing offshore provides South Africans exposure to burgeoning industries […]

Agrarius impact update: 78 million kilograms traded, 11.5% return for investors!

Agrarius is an agriculture-focused investment company offering Shari’ah-compliant investment opportunities to investors through its R10 billion asset-backed note programme, the proceeds of which are invested in sustainable and green projects in the agriculture sector value chain. The objective of Agrarius is to transform the global agricultural sector from an extractive economy to a circular economy, […]

Regulated vs Unregulated Markets: What you need to know

At 27four, we pride ourselves on bringing innovative, well-diversified solutions to both retail and institutional investors. The firm is widely recognised for unseating South Africa’s corporate giants through the provision of these innovative solutions that are relevant, for identifying unique sources of return, and for challenging outdated market norms. Retail investors often ask us what […]

27four Women: Investing for the future

With August being Women’s Month, it gives us a good opportunity to explore some of the key considerations women should make when preparing a financial plan and taking charge of their financial future. Before we delve into those factors to consider, it’s important to have a view of the findings on surveys conducted on how […]

Agrarius - Historical Pricing