Diversification: The key to long-term wealth creation

In our previous editorial, we discussed important considerations for the different stages of life (link to article: https://www.27four.com/investing-through-your-life-stages/) and how having a sound financial plan may assist you in achieving your life goals. Having a sound financial plan provides you with a clear path and robust wealth creation strategy to meet those objectives. To increase […]

Highlights from the 2023 27four Investor Day

Launch of the 27four Nebula Fund A first-of-its-kind venture capital fund that seeks to unlock high returns and deliver meaningful impact by leveraging a unique three-step risk-mitigation framework. Learn more Agrarius, Africa’s first JSE-listed sustainability-linked Sukuk demonstrated its commitment to investments in the agriculture value chain With a deal pipeline that extends from potato farming […]

Investing through your life stages

Life-stage financial planning is essential to ensuring that your investment goals are met as you transition through your different life stages. Those with a sound financial plan usually achieve their life goals because they have a clear path and robust strategy of wealth creation to meet those objectives. Although goals and requirements change over time, […]

Benefits of employer provided group risk cover

Group risk cover is a good vehicle to help protect you against the possibility of something happening to you where the ability to earn a living is compromised. It is insurance cover that is provided by an employer to their employees and is only applicable to employees while they work for that employer. In this […]