Regulated vs Unregulated Markets: What you need to know

At 27four, we pride ourselves on bringing innovative, well-diversified solutions to both retail and institutional investors. The firm is widely recognised for unseating South Africa’s corporate giants through the provision of these innovative solutions that are relevant, for identifying unique sources of return, and for challenging outdated market norms. Retail investors often ask us what […]

27four Women: Investing for the future

With August being Women’s Month, it gives us a good opportunity to explore some of the key considerations women should make when preparing a financial plan and taking charge of their financial future. Before we delve into those factors to consider, it’s important to have a view of the findings on surveys conducted on how […]

The Two-Pot Retirement System Explained

Draft legislation, published in June of this year for public comment, outlines the National Treasury’s plans to implement the proposed “two-pot” retirement savings system for retirement fund members in South Africa. The new legislation will apply to all members of: Occupational retirement funds (pension or provident funds, in both stand-alone and umbrella funds); Preservation funds; […]

Navigating your investments in a rising inflation and interest rate environment

Over the past decade, South Africans have witnessed substantial price increases in goods and services, influenced by factors from both the demand and supply sides. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, pricing pressures have intensified, particularly due to high food and energy costs. To combat rising consumer prices, the South African Reserve Bank has been increasing interest […]

Comparing disability insurance benefits

What will you do in the event that you are unable to work as a result of an illness or disability? This is a very financially tough time for employers and employees alike. The good news is that there are two types of insurance benefits that can assist in the event of an employee becoming […]

Diversification: The key to long-term wealth creation

In our previous editorial, we discussed important considerations for the different stages of life (link to article: and how having a sound financial plan may assist you in achieving your life goals. Having a sound financial plan provides you with a clear path and robust wealth creation strategy to meet those objectives. To increase […]

Highlights from the 2023 27four Investor Day

Launch of the 27four Nebula Fund A first-of-its-kind venture capital fund that seeks to unlock high returns and deliver meaningful impact by leveraging a unique three-step risk-mitigation framework. Learn more Agrarius, Africa’s first JSE-listed sustainability-linked Sukuk demonstrated its commitment to investments in the agriculture value chain With a deal pipeline that extends from potato farming […]

Investing through your life stages

Life-stage financial planning is essential to ensuring that your investment goals are met as you transition through your different life stages. Those with a sound financial plan usually achieve their life goals because they have a clear path and robust strategy of wealth creation to meet those objectives. Although goals and requirements change over time, […]

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