A blended finance partnership between 27four and USAID Southern Africa Mobilizing Investment, aimed at advancing diversity, equity and inclusion within Southern African private markets. Watch: How Sanari became an “overnight success” “Entrepreneurship is supposed to be hard. But not THIS hard”, says Sam Pokroy as she and her co-founder Moushmi Patel reflect on their journey […]

Regulated vs Unregulated Markets: What you need to know

At 27four, we pride ourselves on bringing innovative, well-diversified solutions to both retail and institutional investors. The firm is widely recognised for unseating South Africa’s corporate giants through the provision of these innovative solutions that are relevant, for identifying unique sources of return, and for challenging outdated market norms. Retail investors often ask us what […]

Empowering excellence: The black asset manager global skills development program in partnership with ABSIP & BlackRock

The ABSIP, 27four Investment Managers and BlackRock global skills development partnership enters its 7th year and focuses on enhancing the expertise of Black investment professionals in the management of global assets through practical, hands-on global training. The partnership selects two investment professionals annually to participate in courses offered by the BlackRock Educational Academy. These courses […]

Find out how 27four is delivering on return on investment and impact

Here’s the deal Generating mutual value for our clients, workforce, and the economy yields unparalleled impact. We call this ROII (Return on Investment + Impact). Investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. Below, our private equity team shares recent deals and partnerships.

27four Nebula Fund: South African medtech startup, VitruvianMD, to address pathology backlog

VitruvianMD secures $1.25m investment through 27four Nebula Fund to scale team, achieve global regulatory approvals, and explore new medical applications for its technologies South African medtech start-up Vitruvian Medical Diagnostics (VitruvianMD) has developed new technology to solve the current plague of backlogged mortuaries in South Africa, which is being caused by the shortfall of pathologists […]

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