Collective Insight: “So you want to be an asset manager? – What it takes”

27four’s Head of Manager Research, Claire Rentzke, contributes to the winter 2015 edition of Collective Insight.

So where do you get to build the best experience, in a large asset management firm or in a boutique asset manager?

The answer will probably depend solely on you as a person, what your ambition is and what your expectations are. There are pros and cons to each side and, as is usually the case, what you get out is perfectly correlated to the effort you put in. As there are pro and cons to investing with a boutique manager relative to a large institution, the same double-edged sword exists in selecting the training ground for your career in financial services. Ultimately different personalities will be suited to different environments and it is up to each individual to determine what their strengths and weaknesses are and decide which mould will fit them best.

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