27four supports socio-economic initiatives based on where we are best able to apply our skills, influence and energy in order to achieve a meaningful developmental impact. We specifically target programs focussed on the upliftment of underprivileged communities.

Our areas of focus

  1. Education
    Upgrading of educational facilities.
    Providing equipment to educational facilities.
    The provision of bursaries at school and university level.
  2. Community development and support
    Upgrading of community facilities such as for example crèches and clinics.
    Supporting projects focused on the elderly and the disabled.
    Supporting community events such as sponsorship of sporting events.
    Disaster relief efforts.
  3. Heathcare
    Upgrading of community healthcare facilities.
    Providing equipment to healthcare facilities.
    Support of health awareness programmes in association with community healthcare organisations.

Funding requests
In order to be considered for funding, please ensure that your funding request is aligned to one of the focus areas listed above. Please email your request to You will be emailed an application form to complete and submit. Once received, the application will then undergo further evaluation as part of our internal policies and procedures; and the outcome will be communicated in writing.