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What is DEInvest?




What is DEInvest?

DEInvest represents an umbrella of initiatives aimed at advancing the prospects of first-time and emerging black and women-led asset managers. Our multifaceted approach includes promoting awareness through expert research and data analysis, skills development partnerships and funding, and developing and managing investment solutions that provide investors with access to a pool of skilled, diverse asset managers. In partnership with DFIs and other institutions, we are steadfast in our commitment to cultivating an asset management sector that is robust, representative and inclusive.


Since 2007, 27four began conducting monthly and annual industry-wide surveys of black fund management firms in South Africa. These surveys have evolved and developed to become the leading source of respectable data and intelligence for policy makers and the investment community to accurately evaluate and understand this sector. It also provides asset owners access to a new generation of black investment firms that are typically excluded from mainstream consultant searches. The research undertaken by 27four therefore allows investors and policy makers to assess the many challenges presented and celebrate the many achievements realised, thereby providing a foundation upon which investment strategy and policy can be developed.

Monthly Surveys

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Annual Surveys

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This pioneering initiative serves a dual purpose: showcasing the investment performance of women fund managers in mainstream public markets asset classes and raising awareness about the importance of gender lens investing.

fundHERforward Blended Finance Partnership

A blended finance partnership between 27four and USAID Southern Africa Mobilizing Investment, aimed at advancing diversity, equity and inclusion within Southern African private markets.

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