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27four Umbrella Fund

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27four Umbrella Fund

The 27four Umbrella Fund is a simple yet flexible solution to cater for the diverse benefit needs of both members and employers. The ability to match expert and independent advice with suitable product allows us to develop individualised plans for achieving the best possible retirement outcomes as well as covering life event risks using the most appropriate insurance products.

The Fund is an Umbrella Provident Fund registered in terms of the Pension Funds Act and allows multiple employers and employees to participate under the arrangement and benefit from the associated economies of scale. Members can access best of breed investment, administration and insurance benefits through a single point of entry and enjoy the advantages of good governance and management by an experienced board of trustees.

We know that no one wants to be boxed into one-size fits all products and services. The 27four Umbrella Fund is designed as an open architecture Fund providing flexibility in benefit design, investment options and group risk structures. Our independence allows you access to best of breed insurers and investment managers free from any conflicts of interest.

  1. Contributions. These are set out in the special rules for each employer after consultation with all relevant stakeholders. Additional voluntary contributions are also provided for so that members can maximise tax benefits.
  2. Investment options. We cater for a diverse range of member needs in different stages of the retirement investing life-cycle. Visit the Fund centre.
  3. Insured benefits. The Fund allows for each employer to customise their group risk arrangements with an accredited insurer.


Regardless of size, all corporates enjoy the same benefits, costs and governance that is generally reserved for large stand-alone retirement funds.

Service. Our clients enjoy continued access to dedicated service personnel and senior members of our team. Regular interaction and reporting makes certain that concerns are identified and addressed timeously. We ensure quick response times when dealing with queries and claims.

Efficient administration services. Our clients benefit from world class independent administration that is supported by ongoing checks to ensure data integrity.

Investment strategy design. Regardless of size, all corporates have access to our investment strategy formulation team, who will customise an investment strategy that matches members’ unique needs – helping members achieve their retirement savings goals.

Company management and human resources support. We provide corporates with dedicated assistance on operating a successful retirement benefits strategy for their employees.

Only 6-10% of South Africans retire with an income that is sufficient to maintain their standard of living. We appreciate that the retirement savings journey can be overwhelming and stressful. Helping members understand their benefits so that they can make informed decisions is the first step towards planning for a comfortable retirement. Our team of experienced benefit counsellors are on hand to guide members throughout their retirement journey.

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