Our story

We are a leading financial services group steadfast in our commitment to creating long-term mutual value for our clients and society.

Our name reflects that momentous day South Africa’s democracy was born: 27 April 1994. Pregnant with potential and possibility, it is our constant reminder to contribute toward a future that is inclusive, equitable and sustainable.

Our principles

We are guided by a set of principles that always places the needs of our clients and communities first. We are constantly seeking new approaches and ideas to deliver future ready solutions.

We think, consider and do

We invest for the future

We change the game

We create value sustainably

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We are sustainable investors

Corporate citizenship

Who we serve

Retirement funds

Medical aid funds

Not for profit organisations

Government institutions

Insurance companies

Asset managers


Individuals and families

Financial advisors

Diversity, equity and inclusion

At 27four we believe that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are non-negotiable tenets which we embed in all facets of the organisation.

Focus of our DEI strategy:

Within 27four 
Foster a culture where differences among people are embraced, where our processes are impartial and fair and where everyone has a voice.
Nurture cognitively diverse teams who can solve complex problems and generate creative ideas.

As a fiduciary to our clients
Promote the progression of black and women participation in fund management through the 27four DEI Asset Manager Program.
Address DEI in investee companies through our investment stewardship activities.

We are sustainable investors

27four was among the early adopters of responsible investment in South Africa, becoming a signatory to the PRI in 2007. We recognise our critical role as a steward of long-term capital and the need to counter short-termism that has contributed to multiple sustainability challenges. Our approach to ESG implementation is informed by our fiduciary duty to act in our clients’ best long-term interests. We believe this includes improving ESG performance and enhancing real-world impact, alongside to managing risk and delivering superior returns.

Our approach to investing sustainably:

ESG integration – systematically and explicitly incorporating ESG considerations into investment decisions, including security analysis and asset allocation.

Active stewardship – influencing the behaviour of investee companies through proxy voting and engagement, including collaborative engagement.

Impact investment – investing with the intention of generating measurable beneficial social and environmental impact together with investment returns.

Corporate citizenship

27four are active corporate citizens who recognise our responsibility to contribute towards a healthy socio-economic system. We believe in giving back to society by focusing on improving the quality of life in our communities.

Our areas of focus:

  1. Education
    • Upgrading of educational facilities in partnership with the Imperial & Motus Community Trust.
    • Providing equipment to educational facilities.
    • Granting bursaries at school and university level.
  2. Community development and support
    • Upgrading of community facilities such as for example crèches and clinics.
    • Supporting projects focused on the elderly and the disabled.
    • Sponsorship of community sporting events.
    • Disaster relief efforts.
    • Participating in feeding schemes.
  3. Healthcare
    • Supporting the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.
    • Upgrading of community healthcare facilities.
    • Providing equipment to healthcare facilities.
    • Support of health awareness programmes in association with community healthcare organisations.

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