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Recap of Partnerships With Purpose: An inspiring confluence hosted by 27four Platform Services

Industry leaders converged to explore a diverse array of themes, including fintech, asset manager risks and opportunities, and the future trajectory of South African asset management.

A sincere thank you extends to our honored guests, speakers, and partners for their invaluable contributions and presence at this insightful gathering.

Nevellan Moodley CA(SA) from BDO, skillfully moderated an engaging panel discussion that delved into the forefront of fintech, crypto, the cloud, digital identity, and artificial intelligence. The esteemed panel comprised Craig M. (Prescient ), Jon Hugill (Apex Group Ltd), Timothy Molteno (Intembeko Investment Administrators), and Mark Bredell (FNZ Group), providing a rich tapestry of insights.

Later in the event, Nick Baikoff (Finswitch) presented an innovative approach to radically redesigning asset manager operations and back-office processes, emphasizing simplification, reduced risk, and the establishment of a unified record of events.

David Kirk from Milliman guided us through the top three defining risks facing financial service providers in a thought-provoking presentation titled “Three Sleepless Nights.”

Lameez Amlay, MD of 27four Platform Services, shared a compelling update on the platform, highlighting its pivotal role in creating unique opportunities for asset managers seeking to innovate and bring new products to market, spanning venture capital, private equity, and offshore options.

Fatima Vawda (27four Investment Managers) offered valuable insights into trends in asset management and provided strategic guidance on navigating its evolving landscape in her presentation titled “The Future of Asset Management in South Africa.”

The event unfolded at the picturesque setting of The Forum Embassy Hill in Cape Town, providing a fitting backdrop for the exchange of ideas and the exploration of collaborative opportunities. Stay tuned for further updates on the transformative discussions ignited at Partnerships With Purpose. 

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