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The role of Men as Allies to Women in Private Equity – All The Pieces Matter

The path to a centre of power is quick if you are already near it. However, to achieve it from the periphery is extremely difficult. The beauty of social structures though, is that those who are close to a position of power have the ability to lay a path to help those in the periphery to reach a position of power too. So too is the potential for men to support women in the workplace to access power by leveraging male privilege and power.

In this ‘All the Pieces Matter’ article co-authored by women at 27four Investment Managers, Kleoss Capital and Vuna Partners, we reflect on how men in the private equity space in South Africa have been allies by sharing their position of power and privilege in the workplace to the benefit of their women colleagues. The article exhibits that it is possible for other men to be allies to women in the workplace.

We would like to thank Zandi Tsibulane and Lungile Malinga-Qangule for their contributions to the article

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